Publications in 1994

Journal and Book Articles

  1. Giannini, R., Parducci, L. Rossi, P. and Villani, F. (1994). Genetic structure and mating system of silver fir in the Campolino recerve (North Apennines, Italy). Journal of Genetics and Breeding 48: 335-338.

  2. Wang, X-R. and Szmidt, A. E., (1994). Hybridisation and chloroplast DNA variation in a Pinus species complex from Asia. Evolution 48: 1020-1031.

  3. Karvonen, P., Szmidt, A.E., and Savolainen, O. (1994). ITS2 length variation in the ribosomal DNA of Picea abies and related species. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 89: 969-974.

  4. Lu, M-Z., Szmidt, A. E., and Wang, X-R. (1994). Genetics of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) in Pinus sylvestris (L.). Hereditas 121: 220.

by Alfred E. Szmidt