Alfred E. Szmidt: Scientific Evaluations

Professor Barbara Shaal wrote:

Dr Szmidt has a long history of publishing studies on DNA variation in plants. He has conducted several important studies that have provided fundamental knowledge of the chloroplast genome in conifers ... We use Dr Szmidt's work as a basis for our own studies of variation in pines. Dr Szmidt is very broadly trained scientist ... has clear expertise in the biology of conifers, in molecular biology, in evolutionary biology, and in the mathematical techniques necessary for these kinds of studies.

Professor Howard Kriebel wrote:

Dr Szmidt has an extensive knowledge of the literature and activity in molecular biology... the ability to synthesize and interpret the results of others as well as his own results. Dr Szmidt is conscious of the significance of research in molecular population ecology in relation to regional and world problems arising from man-induced stresses on the forest, including global climate change.

by Alfred E. Szmidt