Towards establishing Biodiversity Observation Network

GEO BON creation:

GEO, January 2007, The Group on Earth Observations, NASA and DIVERSITAS International announces the formation of a new global partnership to collect, manage, analyse and report on the status and trends of the world's biodiversity. The newly established community seeks to ensure that adequate biodiversity data and information will be generated, analysed and included in the ongoing effort to establish a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). A workshop of governmental, non-governmental, academic, national and international institutions co-sponsored by DIVERSITAS International, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), the Global Terrestrial Observing System GTOS, UNESCO-MAB and GEO was held in Geneva 23-25 October 2006 with over 40 biodiversity conservation institutions represented. The members of this workshop proposed to establish a website which provides a declaration defining the goals of the initiative.

GEO BON deployment:

March 2008, DIVERSITAS, NASA and the GEO Secretariat are convening a major meeting of all parties interested in the development of a Biodiversity Observation System for GEOSS, in Berlin on 8-10 April 2008. This meeting will celebrate the first step of GEO BON implementation.

March 22-25, 2010, GEO BON had a meeting to discuss about detailed implementation plan.

May 22, 2010, GEO BON released a detailed implementation plan.

- GEO BON Detailed Implementation Plan version 1.0 @


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